3 top tips for maintaining your pool this summer

It’s Summertime! Which means swimming time with friends and family, but wait… is your pool summer ready and swimmer friendly? There is nothing better than cool clean pool on a hot day, so here are 3 tips for maintaining your pool over the summer period.

1. Maintaining water and chemical levels

It is important to periodically test the pools pH, Chlorine and water levels as you go due to the more frequent use and evaporation. It is recommended that you test the pH and the chlorine levels weekly and the saturation levels monthly at home or even at your local professional pool store. The pH levels affect the strength of the chlorine which is the main thing preventing all the germs and algae from popping up. The pH levels also ensure that your pool water is comfortable on the eyes and skin. As the weather gets warmer, the amount of chlorine needed also increases and will further increase when the pool gets used more often. Pools lose a fair bit of water because of evaporation, water fights and people getting out of the pool. So keep an eye on the water level as you do the usual cleaning and top it up when it is looking a bit low.

2. Regularly cleaning

Netting and/or vacuuming the pool only needs to be done every few days to once a week depending on how much debris builds up or falls into your pool between swims. Netting helps to stop leaves or other rubbish from sinking to the bottom and contaminating your pool, which means that you would have to add more and more chemicals which can become costly and inefficient. Regular cleaning can increase the pool’s circulation and lower the demand for too much chlorine. Also, don’t forget to clean out your pool filter when it gets too full. A good indication that the filter needs cleaning is when the water becomes dirty and murky.

3. Maintaining circulation

The easiest way to maintain a good pool circulation is to keep up with regular cleaning to ensure that nothing is blocking or preventing the pool from circulating properly. A little bit of dirt in the filter is good because it helps to catch more dirt however, too much can present a healthy flow through the filter and decrease circulation. Another handy tip is to keep the pool filter running for a minimum of 8hrs, every day. However to save money and time use a timer to turn the pump on and off, so even when you are not around your pool can be cleaning itself.

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  1. It was interesting to learn that some dirt in the filter is good, so that it traps more dirt. My husband has been wanting to get a pool for a while now. There’s a lot of maintenance that goes along with having a pool, and is something my husband will have to commit to if he wants to get one.

  2. All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts.

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