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SkyeStone and SkyeGlass Products

SkyeStone is a high-end, luxury pool finish using an ultra-smooth pebble based product suitable for rendering on a concrete pool. This innovative product has been used for over 35 years by swimming pool builders, renovators and resurfacing experts because it is designed to last. Our experience has seen this product last more than 15 years providing vibrant colours, a smooth surface and hardy product to extend the life of your pool. No wonder more than 40 pool renovator companies use SkyeStone an SkyeGlass products as their pool interior of choice. (Sometimes referred to as Skye Pebble)

If you have a fiberglass pool and want to upgrade to SkyeStone or SkyeGlass products, our expert team can remove the existing interior and prepare a new surface ready for the advanced SkyeStone or SkyeGlass product.

SkyeStone Product Range

Skyeglass is as durable as the SkyeStone pebble finish however the glass provides that real wow factor to your new pool. Small glass beads are incorporated into the mix of the render to give a stunning finish to any pool. For that brilliant shining look, SkyeGlass will give you that extra gloss to the interior of your pool.

Both SkyeStone and SkyGlass are available in a wide range of colours which lead to stunning results. Using state of the art techniques perfected over three generations, the process in rendering pools varies considering the job. We can advise you whether you require a top finishing coat or you may require a little extra care to remove rust spots and improve the integrity of the surface before a brilliant new colour is applied. Either way, the team here at SkyePool Renovations have perfected applying pebble, quartzon and small glass bead interiors.

SkyeGlass Product Range