Solar Pool Heating, Coping, Renovations and Other Pool Services in Melbourne and wider Victoria

Gorgeous blue outdoor pool
Solar Pool Heating
With all the sun we get in Victoria, solar pool heating is really effective and makes good environmental and financial sense. And with more than 35 years of experience renovating and repairing pools right across the state, we’re well placed to replace or repair your existing kit or install a new solar pool heating system.
Incredibly dirty and damaged pool
Pool Coping
Good pool coping is vital for a long-lasting, great-looking pool. Your edge pavers could be stone, brick, concrete or any of a number of other materials, as long as they are installed in a way that protects the structure of your pool. We install pool coping that looks fantastic and will ensure water doesn’t get behind your pool shell (which would reduce the life of your pool).
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Pool Renovations

When it’s time for a pool upgrade, you need a pool company you can trust to make your pool not only look great, but also work well — and you want the work to last for many years to come as well. We have over 35 years experience renovating pools across Melbourne and wider Victoria and we’ve even developed two custom interior finishes that have been known to last more than 15 years! Get in touch and we can walk you through the process that’ll work best for your pool.

We are a full-service pool renovation and pool resurfacing company based in South Eastern Melbourne. We’ve been transforming old pools into dream pools all over Victoria for over 35 years.

Pool Resurfacing

Is your pool interior cracked, chipped, stained or just plain boring? We’ve been resurfacing tired and damaged pools across Melbourne and wider VIC for over 35 years and would love to breathe new life into yours. We offer two exclusive, durable interior pool finishes with eight colours to choose from, so there’s a matte or high-gloss option to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Incredibly dirty and damaged pool

Pool Repairs

Are you sick of paying high water bills because your pool leaks? Or maybe the concrete is cracked? Whatever your pool repair needs, our team will quickly have your pool looking as good as new.
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Plumbing and Equipment

A beautiful looking pool is great. But if your pool isn’t working the way it should, it’s still not going to be enjoyable to use. If there’s anything wrong with your pool’s plumbing or any of its equipment, we’ll be happy to repair or replace it as needed.